Which patriot groups support the GOP?

A new survey by the Cato Institute shows that the GOP is split over whether the GOP should support the legalization of marijuana, but that the party has no plans to change its stance.

The Cato poll, conducted for the National Journal by The American Center for Law and Economics (ACLE) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), shows that 55% of Americans support legalizing marijuana and 40% oppose it.

The remaining 7% oppose the legalization, and 12% are undecided.

In other words, there’s no clear majority behind marijuana legalization, but it’s a far cry from the 40% of Republicans who are in favor and the 12% who are opposed.

ACLE Vice President Michael Cannon said the survey shows “the GOP’s war on marijuana legalization is losing.”

“This survey shows that despite the overwhelming support for marijuana legalization from Republicans, there is no clear constituency for the party to support the movement, and that this will likely come down to how much the GOP cares about public safety and the well-being of its rank-and-file members,” Cannon told the National Review.

The survey shows the majority of Americans (57%) support legalization of recreational marijuana, with 38% opposed.

The remainder is split on whether the federal government should enforce the law to prevent the use of recreational weed, and 18% are against that.

This suggests that a majority of Republicans support marijuana legalization as long as the government doesn’t take too much of a bite out of the profits of drug cartels.

The most likely reason Republicans oppose marijuana legalization?

It’s a war on drug cartels, according to the survey.

The majority of respondents (62%) oppose prosecuting drug cartels with the full force of the federal criminal justice system.

This comes from the fact that 80% of respondents support the war on drugs, according the survey, and 80% are opposed to marijuana legalization.

Cannon noted that while marijuana legalization may be popular among the public, it has lost the support of many rank- and-file Republicans.

“They’ve lost support, but not because of marijuana legalization,” Cannon said.

“Rather, their support is because of other things.”

It’s worth noting that while a majority (57%) of Republicans oppose the drug war, that support is a little lower than the 80% who support it in the survey conducted last year.

The number of respondents who say they would support legalizing pot is much lower, at 27%.

That’s in line with the survey in 2016 that found that 57% of voters supported legalization, while only 22% were opposed.

While the public is evenly divided on the issue, that split is far more stark when you break it down by party affiliation.

The party that represents the most rank-to-file rank-ins (78%) is the GOP.

The Republicans (73%) are the party most opposed to pot legalization.

The Democrats (60%) are most in favor.

The only major political party that favors legalization is the Democratic Party, at 34%.

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