How to trade your Giants and Indians tickets

As the World Trade Center towers over Manhattan, the Giants and the Indians prepare for the start of the new baseball season.

Here are five key questions to answer.


Can the Giants win in September?

The Giants have won four of the past five seasons, and this year they are on pace for another great run.

The Giants, the best team in baseball, have won 17 straight regular-season games.

But they have only won one of the last five in September.

The Indians have won nine of their last 10.

This could be a wild series.

In fact, it could be the best series in baseball this season.


Can Indians fans be excited for October?

Indians fans have been rooting for the Giants to win the World Series since the team’s World Series victory in 2010.

Since then, they have gone 13-10.

The team has won 11 of its last 12.

And if the Indians win this series, it would be the third time in as many seasons that the Indians have gone to the World Championship Series.


Can both teams score?

Both teams have struggled in September, but the Giants are the better team.

The Cubs have been better in September than the Giants.

The Tribe has been better than the Indians.


Can teams beat the Cubs?

Cubs fans will be happy to know that the Cubs are 2-0 against the Giants this season and have won five of their past six games.

And the Giants have a 2-1 record against the Indians this season, though they have lost three of those games.


Can Cubs fans celebrate?

There is plenty of time for the Cubs to celebrate the win and get ready for the World Cup of Hockey on March 2.

But if they do, the team will have a tough time getting back into playoff contention.