ATV Trade Machine Is the Highest-Paid Trader on Amazon

At least one of the top 10 most-purchased items on Amazon, a “sporting goods” bundle of $20 worth of merchandise, was sold by the same person to someone else.

According to the Amazon trade machine website, the purchase was made on May 6.

The item was on sale at $20 on May 7, but it was then sold for $10 on May 9.

According on the Amazon website, this is the highest-paid trade on Amazon.

It also makes the highest number of purchases per transaction.

The highest-paying trade on eBay is the $3.97-per-hour minimum wage job.

A spokesperson for the company told Business Insider that the buyer was an “unnamed employee” at Amazon.

The representative declined to comment further on the specifics of the transaction.

In response to the story, Amazon posted an update on its trade machine page, noting that this was “the only case in which this individual was able to purchase more than one item.”

The spokesperson did not say if this was a case of fraud or a case where the buyer made an “inadvertent” purchase.

Amazon also noted that the sale was on “Amazon Prime” and that the item was “for a limited time.”

The company added that the purchase price on the trade machine was “not accurate.”

The spokesperson declined to say what was “inaccurate” about the price.

Amazon’s spokesperson did note that the seller is “an employee” and did not provide further details.