What the RUSSELL WILSON Trade is All About

The RUSSEE trade war started when China began buying U.S. crude oil in order to stave off the possibility of the global market being flooded with cheap oil.

This caused a huge surge in crude oil prices.

Now, the U.K. is looking to help its own citizens and businesses when it comes to the RUSSSEE trade.

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the U,K.

will export more oil to China.

Johnson said he would do so “in a phased manner over the next few years, in order for the U.”s domestic demand to improve.

“So, it looks like the U.,UK is going to export more crude oil to the Chinese in order make up for the shortfall.

But as Bloomberg notes, the new U.N. report, which covers China’s oil imports from the U and other countries, says the “U.K.’s exports to China could decline as the Chinese market responds to U.k. cuts in imports.”

As Bloomberg notes: “U.S.-China trade is a complex issue and we need to take all possible measures to protect our own interests and the interests of our trading partners,” Johnson said.

The U.KS. imports of oil from China fell by $8.9 billion last year to $849.7 billion.

China imports of U.Y.S./Mexico crude oil fell by about $3 billion to $9.4 billion.