How to make your iOS app look great on iOS 10, and how to keep it from feeling so bloated

The latest version of iOS has brought a host of new features and improved usability.

For instance, the default lock screen has been improved, and iOS 10’s notification tray has been expanded to include a more responsive, customizable, and responsive navigation bar.

The default lock menu has also been improved.

But for most iOS users, the lock screen and notifications tray still look the same.

That’s because they have a tradeoff: the lock icon is larger, and the notifications icon is smaller.

To make them work, you have to adjust the size of the icon.

In iOS 10.1, the icon has been increased by one pixel from its previous position.

This makes it easy to see which notifications are currently active and which are not.

In some cases, the notification icon has changed, but not in all cases.

This is because some iOS 10 apps have changed their appearance to make them look more similar to other apps.

We’re going to take a look at how to tweak your lock icon in iOS 10 and how you can make your notifications look even better.

How to Make Your Lock Icon Look Better With iOS 10 iOS 10 has brought many new features to the lock menu and the lock bar.

For a more detailed look at these changes, we’ll also walk through how to use the new Notification Bar and Notification Tray to adjust their appearance.

To adjust the icon, open the Lock screen in the Settings app and tap Lock icon.

The new Lock icon appears in the bottom right corner of the screen, with a rounded rectangle at the top of the icons.

To change the size and position of the lock, tap the icon once, then tap Settings.

The settings menu should show an icon that looks like this: Now tap the lock icons to adjust them.

You’ll see the lock change size and the icon size and shape change.

You can also adjust the color of the new lock icon.

You need to make these adjustments to the Lock icon in order to keep the icon from looking too similar to the icons on other iOS 10 devices.

Open the Notification Bar in the Notification Tray by tapping the cog icon.

Choose the Lock Icon from the notification bar’s pop-up menu.

Tap Lock icon to select it.

The lock icon will change in size, and its icon size will also change.

The icons are also customizable.

You have two options for the icon’s shape.

You may want to adjust it to match the shape of your lock screen’s notification bar.

You also may want the lock’s color to match your notification bar icon’s color.

You should adjust the lockicon’s color for the lockbar.

If you don’t want the color to change, you can select the icon with a flat background color.

If the lock doesn’t have a notification bar, you’ll need to adjust its icon.

Open a Notification Tray app by tapping Notification Tray.

Select Lock icon from the menu.

The Lock icon should change in the shape it’s going to look like.

To use the notification tray, you need to change the icon shape.

The Settings menu should appear.

Tap the icon that you want to change.

Tap Settings to open the new settings menu.

You will need to select Lock icon and the notification settings.

If there’s a notification you want the notification to show, tap it.

If your lock is on the lock indicator, tap a notification that will show the notification.

You must select Lock to see notifications.

To add the lock to the notification area, select the Lock indicator icon from Notification Tray and tap Add Lock.

Select Notification Tray from the Notification menu.

To open the notification list, tap Notification Tray on the bottom-left.

Tap Add List.

You now have three options for adding the notification for your lock: Add the notification directly to the Notification Center, add it to a list in the notification center, or add it from the lock tray.

To see notifications, tap More.

To get a list of the current notifications, swipe left on the notification that appears in Notification Tray’s popup menu to reveal the Add notification icon.

To remove a notification from Notification Center or notification list from the notifications tray, tap Remove from the list.

Now that you have the lock and the Notification List, you must select the lock in Notification Center to unlock your device.

To do so, tap Lock on the Lock bar.

A new window will appear.

The current notification will be highlighted.

Tap on the notifications you want from Notification Bar to see more.

Tap Delete notification from the tray.

The notification will disappear from Notification List.

To exit Notification List and to reset the lock status, tap Reset.

If all is well, your lock should be unlocked.

To lock your device again, tap Your device in the lock ring.

The system will prompt you for a passcode, which will unlock your phone.

If needed, you may also need to unlock the device again.

If no passcode is needed, tap Continue.

To unlock your iPhone, you should use the iPhone

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