“We don’t want our children to be racist traders”

It’s been a tough week for white supremacist traders on Wall Street.

Last week, two black traders were indicted for their role in a massive market rigging scheme.

And on Tuesday, a black hedge fund manager who worked on the same trades that were used to manipulate the market lost a job after a white supremacist accused him of stealing the trade’s proceeds.

And the man who worked for the same trader who was indicted is still out of a job.

The day after that, a white man who was also accused of rigging a massive trade was fired.

“I was a victim of a massive conspiracy that has targeted me, my family, and my livelihood,” said Michael Cramer, a hedge fund trader and one of the two black men charged.

“They targeted me for doing what I was supposed to be doing.”

Cramer’s family is suing the two traders.

They are also fighting the indictment and want to know why they were targeted.

The two traders who were indicted have been fired from their positions.

They say the Justice Department didn’t inform them of the indictment until they reached a settlement with the government.

“The Justice Department did not provide any notice to the Cramer family that it was going to prosecute them,” said attorney Thomas Koehler.

They say they have not received any notice of the decision to drop the case.

“It’s really sad to say, ‘We don’ have any justice for you,'” said Koehlers brother-in-law, Daniel Cramer.

“I can’t think of a more racist term than that,” said Cramer’s cousin, Thomas Cramer of New Jersey.

In a statement released by the Justice Dept., they said that the two accused traders had been in discussions with the Department about the possibility of a dismissal agreement. 

“While these discussions were underway, they received notice from the Department that the indictment was dropping,” the statement said.

“This notice was not shared with them.”

“We don”t want our kids to be racists traders joe,trading,food,balance,trade source National Reviews title “I don”re a racist trader, joe says, but the government is racist source NationalReview title Black trader says his charges of trading with ‘racist’ trader were ‘bullshit’ article Last week’s indictment of a black trader is just the latest in a series of incidents that have targeted black traders and investors alike.

A month ago, a Wall Street trader was fired from his job for taking part in a trade that was rigged by a white trader.

More recently, a New York City hedge fund investor who was part of the same scheme was indicted on charges of participating in a similar scheme.

Black hedge fund traders are also being targeted for being accused of taking part of a trade in which a black person was accused of buying shares and then selling them to a white person.

Last week, a group of black hedge funds were told they were not eligible for a loan.

That left them to file lawsuits against their former clients for being the victims of racist trading.

Then last week, former hedge fund CEO James Gianforte lost his bid for re-election in Montana.

And earlier this month, a prominent black investor was fired after he told his followers on Twitter he was a “racist trader.” 

“I think it’s really important to note that we’re not talking about a single individual,” said the attorney who represents black investors.

“We’re talking about millions of people that are part of an organized system of people and institutions that are manipulating our financial system to advance a racial agenda.” 

That same group of investors, the group of hedge fund managers, and other black investors have filed a class action lawsuit against the Justice Depart­ment and the Securities and Exchange Commission in federal court in the hopes of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

But for now, they are focused on their day-to-day lives.

“If the Justice department or the SEC or any other government agency is targeting us for our race or religion, I don’t know how you’re going to win in a court of law,” said Andrew Scott, who works at a hedge funds office in New Jersey, one of many black investors whose livelihoods have been affected by the crackdown.

“It’s not fair.”

Scott said that his company is the victim of racist traders.

He said that one of his former hedge funds has hired a lawyer to bring the case and that the SEC is investigating whether other hedge funds are involved.

Scott added that he has received death threats, and the hedge fund where he works is currently under a state of emergency.

Cohn says he understands the anger but says he believes in the justice system.

“That’s what I believe in,” said Cohn.

“And I do believe in the rule of law.

We’re all human beings, and we all deserve to be protected.”