What to know about the 2018 NFL draft order

It’s not often that the NFL trades down to get a first-round pick in 2018, but that’s exactly what happened last week when the league moved down from its usual two-team format.

The Rams, Titans and Bengals all had the top three picks, meaning the Browns, Chargers and Lions would have the fourth and fifth picks respectively.

That’s just one more reason to be excited about what’s in store in 2019.

In the end, it’s hard to say how this draft will turn out.

It’s hard, for example, to tell what a top-three pick will look like.

The draft order might change, or it might just be based on what teams are doing now.

It also doesn’t mean the next year won’t look different.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

The next two rounds of the draft will determine which teams get to pick at the top of the first round.

This means there will be some interesting battles in the second round and third.

It will also determine which NFL teams get the opportunity to trade up to get one of the top players on their roster.

Here are the first- and second-round picks:Round one:The Rams pick at No. 2 overall.

That will give them the No. 1 overall pick, and the first overall pick in the draft.

It is not a very surprising pick at that point.

The team has already given up a first round pick for their pick.

This pick is the second pick for the Rams, and it’s also a second overall pick.

The Bengals will get their first pick at 10 overall, and they get the No 1 pick as well.

This pick will allow the Rams to draft a quarterback, and that’s a real possibility.

The only quarterback the Rams have is Sam Bradford.

If they draft a QB in the first two rounds, the Rams will have a shot at getting Bradford, who is a proven starter, but he’s not going to be a star in the NFL.

The Browns would like to take QB Paxton Lynch with the No 3 overall pick or maybe even the No 2 overall pick if they want to add another quarterback to their offense.

The Titans will take their No. 3 overall.

If the Rams take Bradford, they would get a great QB and a lot of upside.

If the Bengals draft Lynch, they could have a solid quarterback, but there’s little to no upside.

The Chargers might be in the market for a quarterback and/or safety in the third round.

The Lions might want to take a safety, or maybe a running back in the fourth.

The Bills could take a quarterback in the fifth.

The Cardinals could take either a QB or a safety in round four.

The Titans would be looking for a QB, but they’ll likely wait until the third or fourth round to take one.

The Ravens might be looking at another QB or safety.

The Vikings might take one of their QBs, or they could go in a different direction.

The Dolphins might take a runningback.

The Texans could take one safety.

The Bengals are looking for an offensive lineman or a cornerback in the sixth round.

They also might take another quarterback in round five or sixth.

The Packers might be interested in another quarterback.

The Raiders would like another QB.

The Chargers will get a QB if they get Lynch, but it’s possible they could use a running-back in round six.

The Broncos will be interested.

The Browns will want to get their No 1 overall if they can.

The Chiefs could also look at a QB.

The Jaguars would like one if they are interested.

The Giants could take the No 4 overall.

The Bills will likely be interested if they have Lynch, and if they draft Lynch.

The Steelers are looking at a quarterback.

The Saints will look to get another quarterback if they could get Lynch.

If Lynch goes, they’ll want a running backs.

The Colts will be looking to add a safety or cornerback in round seven or eighth.

The Seahawks will look for a runningbacks or a tight end in round nine.

The Redskins might look to add an RB or a quarterback at 10.

The Bears could take an RB in round 12.

The Lions would likely take a cornerback, safety or safety in their top 10.

The Vikings will be hoping to add some help at QB if Lynch goes.

The Jets will look at the QB in round 13.

The Bears would be interested to add help at a wide receiver.

The Saints could take another wide receiver in round 14.

The Steelers would likely want to look at either a quarterback or a running RB in their draft.

The Cowboys could take some WRs or a QB to improve their offense, and possibly add a QB later in the round.

The Texans might want another quarterback or safety if they look to take Lynch.

The Ravens would likely be looking if they had a QB and/ or a WR in round 15.

The Patriots might take WRs in round 16.

The Broncos might take safety if the Rams can take Lynch in round

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