How to trade your Giants and Indians tickets

As the World Trade Center towers over Manhattan, the Giants and the Indians prepare for the start of the new baseball season.Here are five key questions to answer.1.Can the Giants win in September?The Giants have won four of the past five seasons, and this year they are on pace for another great run.The Giants, the […] →Read more

Which are the most important players to watch in the first half of the year?

What are some of the most exciting trades and trades to watch this year?We’ve put together a list of players to be on the lookout for this coming week and we’ve added some new trades as well.We’ve got to say, we’re not looking forward to the second half of this year, as we’ve seen a […] →Read more

How to Get a Deal on a Ninja Trader

By Steve LitchfieldThe ninjas are a new type of trading tool that’s making a comeback thanks to a recent spate of viral videos showing them trading for more than $1 million a pop.Here’s how to get in on the action, including a video showing a pair of ninjas buying a house for $1.2 million in […] →Read more

Why is there a trade rumor going around that I didn’t even know existed?

The most common way to start a trade with a team is to put them on your team.It’s a simple way to get them to agree to a trade.But sometimes it can be a little tricky.There are several different ways to trade a player.Here’s how the trade rumor system works.Trading is a process of asking […] →Read more

Which patriot groups support the GOP?

A new survey by the Cato Institute shows that the GOP is split over whether the GOP should support the legalization of marijuana, but that the party has no plans to change its stance.The Cato poll, conducted for the National Journal by The American Center for Law and Economics (ACLE) and the National Institute on […] →Read more

Why I am not convinced Dodger Trade Rumors Are True

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dodger executive vice president of public relations Matt O’Neil denied that the team is close to acquiring any players.“I’m not denying that we are interested in acquiring any prospects, but the timing of that is not right,” O’Neill said.“It is a possibility we’re interested in.”O’Neil also denied […] →Read more

How to Stop Trading on News of Trade Wars

The National Football League’s trade war with the Federal Trade Commission has taken a turn for the worse.The NFL has accused the agency of a lack of transparency and demanded it provide more information about its collusion investigations.In a letter to Commissioner Gary Cohn, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league’s investigation of collusion […] →Read more

‘Pushing back against the government’

With the Trump administration’s latest budget, the US is pushing back against a trend that has led to more and more Americans losing their jobs and income, and it’s all thanks to a plumbing trade education program.| AP article With President Donald Trump’s administration’s newest budget, which includes cuts to funding for a federal trade […] →Read more

How to make a 49ers trade that’ll benefit your team

The 49ers are in a unique position this year because of the trade deadline.They have two starting quarterbacks on the roster, and they are set to lose both Colin Kaepernick and Shaun Hill in the off-season.Kaepernick, 30, has one year left on his contract and Hill, 33, signed a five-year, $60 million extension in March.The […] →Read more

Nvidia and Nvidia Corp trade in Nvidia shares

Nvidia (NVDA) and its parent company Nvidia Corporation (NVCA) traded on Friday for the first time in three months on the back of a strong third quarter, raising hopes of a turnaround in the world’s most valuable chipmaker’s fortunes.The move was announced by Nvidia shares in New York.Shares in Nvidia, a chipmaker of the Tegra […] →Read more